SHA has launched its social media liability insurance policy (SLip uP). The first of its kind in South Africa. This product is available only:

  • through SHA brokers
  • as an add-on to an entire domestic portfolio and is not available as an individual risk product
  • via

About SLip uP

There are numerous examples where people have found themselves in hot water in social media communities for saying something they believed to be innocent, which was taken up in the wrong way. Most social media users make statements that are not meant to cause any harm, but that can lead to complete public outrage, which can have devastating consequences for the individual.

In light of this, SHA launched a liability product through its broker database in October 2016, that consumers can purchase to cover the legal fees and damages associated with defending themselves against allegations of privacy invasion or defamation of a third party via social media.

This product is aimed at individuals and that the social media insurance can only be purchased directly from a broker selling SHA products. “Parents can also obtain this insurance to cover the actions of their children on social media, as children are often not aware of the real impact their digital footprint can have. The product is aptly named the Social Liability Insurance Policy (SLip uP).

Key points about the cover

Legal defence costs and damages following an allegation brought by any third party who alleges that the insured has:

  • defamed them
  • invaded their privacy

on any social media platform.

Key exclusions

This Policy will not cover you for your legal liability arising out of or relating to –

  • Acts of defamation or invasion of privacy related to your employment or profession
  • Any fine or penalty or multiple, punitive or exemplary damages.
  • Any acts of defamation or invasion of privacy with religious, cultural or racist connotations.
  • Your refusal or failure to stop posting defamatory material or content or to remove defamatory content despite being requested to do so.
  • Any act(s) of defamation or invasion of privacy and any situations giving rise to such acts that occurred or arose prior to the inception date of this insurance policy.
  • Allegations of defamation or invasion of privacy by any member of your direct family (i.e. mother, father, siblings, spouse, ex-spouse etc). These are allegations by one family member against another.
  • A deliberate, wilful or intentional act committed by you or with your involvement or by anyone acting on your behalf with the intention of creating a fraudulent or fictitious claim under this policy.
  • Situations where a claim or information or documentation relating to a claim is fraudulent or fictitious or false.

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