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There are three key challenges faced by brokers who wish to advise their clients on specialist insurance products such as D&O, Professional Indemnity, Broadform Liability and Cyber:

  • Lack of confidence - many brokers in South Africa are skilled in property and motor insurance but lack the confidence in discussing specialist insurance. It's understandable really; at SHA we have entire departments of specialists who focus on one particular product whereas a broker is expected to know about all insurance products. 
  • Limited access to information at critical times - meetings with clients often happen at odd hours and answers to technical questions that require the underwriter's input may have to wait until all the parties are available. This is not ideal and can result in lost business for both broker and insurer.
  • Complex application forms and delays in getting quotes - specialist insurance business often comes with a lengthy application process with many business owners becoming despondent when faced with a 10 page form, before they even know the cost of the insurance cover.

The Pocket Underwriter is SHA's digital solution that solves all of these problems. Brokers with access to the system can:

1. view claims videos and read short, plain language explanations of over 50 specialist covers and extensions, online, in their own time 24/7.

2. earn up to 12 CPD Hours a year (accredited by AC Develop in association with the FPI).

3. generate their own specialist quotes and issue policies within minutes (the record as at 1 Nov 2019 is under 7 minutes). Without complex forms!

4. explore how liability risk management can improve exposures in over 20 different industries.

5. keep a record of advice on specialist business

Read about the specialist SME products that are available exclusively through the portal here.


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