Research indicates that a child that does not receive the correct stimulation in the first five years has a 70% chance of being arrested for a violent crime and has less than a 30% chance of entering tertiary education. We know that the only way to give children from impoverished areas a fighting chance to hopefully join our skilled professionals down the line, is to help give them a good start in life with the correct Early Childhood Development.


In 2018, SHA decided to refocus its Social Economic Development (SED) strategy and have placed focus on Early Childhood Development (ECD) in impoverished areas, and have therefore joined forces with an NPO called Play-with-a-Purpose Educational Trust trading as Preschools 4 Africa (PWAP) who specialise in ECD.
Play-with-a-Purpose Educational Trust trading as Preschools 4 Africa is a South African social franchise. Our vision is to have a quality preschool within walking distance of every child. We do this through a whole school training programme empowering the principals and staff. The primary focus is in under-resourced areas such as informal settlements; or townships however the standard is high enough that affluent preschools self-fund to be part of the programme as well.

Our first project with SHA is with 8 under-resourced ECD centres in a pre-selected impoverished area in Johannesburg over the next three years. We concentrate on excellent early education practices ensuring the children have the correct foundation as well as on sustainability through mentoring and leadership training. Becoming part of our Play-with-a-Purpose programme is part of the change in uplifting education in the fight against crime and creating economic change.

- Robyn Sargeant Wienand. Play with a Purpose - Founder/ CEO

Corporate Social Responsibility
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