General • 1 November 2023

The strategic value of business insurance in uncertain times

In tough economic conditions like the present, businesses may be tempted to forgo business insurance or reduce their cover as a cost-cutting exercise.

Cyber • 1 October 2023

Expert advice on how to protect your business against skyrocketing cybercrime

Not only is cybercrime soaring in South Africa, but cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their attacks.

General • 1 September 2023

Commercial insurance in the digital age: how technology is changing the game

The world of commercial insurance has undergone many changes over the past three years.

General • 1 August 2023

Directors & Officers cover: is your company’s top brass adequately protected?

Muted economic growth, the ongoing energy crisis, numerous infrastructural failings and the impact of geopolitical tensions abroad have caused significant shifts in the local risk landscape.

SA Construction Sector • 1 July 2023

SA’s construction sector: identifying and mitigating the key risks

Despite high expectations for the South Africa’s Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan, delays in the roll-out of these initiatives have restricted the growth prospects of the local construction industry.

General • 1 July 2023

Young entrepreneurs: how to secure the future of your small business

Starting a business as a young entrepreneur has several key advantages.

Cyber • 1 April 2023

SA businesses urged to be on ‘high alert’ against rising cybercrime that exploits human vulnerabilities

The onset of COVID-19 in 2020, followed closely by the 2021 July riots and the severe flooding in parts of KwaZulu-Natal have had a devastating impact on South African businesses across a range of sectors.

Mental Health • 11 October 2022

Mental health issues in the workplace a key driver of an upsurge in demand for accident and health insurance cover

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic (and subsequent lockdown regulations) on the mental wellbeing of South African workers has been well documented.

SHA PR Product Recall • 14 September 2022

SA businesses urged to protect themselves against rising product recall claims

According to risk specialists SHA, there has been a significant uptick in the number of claims made against the cost and legal implications of products recalls since 2018.

Professional Indemnity Risks in SA • 14 September 2022

Professional indemnity risks in SA are skyrocketing – how can companies prepare?

The growing litigious culture in South Africa, coupled with the turbulence of the economic climate, has led to a considerable upsurge in professional indemnity (PI) claims.

The Road Ahead • 14 September 2022

The Road Ahead

The construction industry in South Africa has had a challenging couple of years, from the loss of jobs to the closing down or unbundling of large players in the construction sector.

Risk Awareness • 14 September 2022

Learning and development key to improving risk awareness culture

The number and complexity of risks that pose a threat to the operational efficiency of South African companies are rapidly increasing.

SHA Claims Corner • 14 September 2022

Should directors be worried about cyber?

African businesses ranked cyber related risks in third position, behind power disruptions and labour related matters.

Magazine • 14 September 2022

Steps to rectify gender inequality in SA insurance sector must be ‘meaningful and measurable’

Steps to rectify gender inequality in SA insurance sector must be ‘meaningful and measurable’

Claims Article: A state of malingering • 15 June 2022

Claims Article: A state of malingering

It is lamentable that nowadays, in South Africa, a significant number of claimants’ resort to malingering and dramatically overstating the nature of their injuries or loss in order to reap unjustified settlements from insurers, the Road Accident Fund (RAF) and generally any defendant with means. Malingering or overstating the nature of your loss, is dishonest and fraudulent.

A paradigm shift to recruit and retain diverse skills • 15 June 2022

A paradigm shift to recruit and retain diverse skills

The insurance industry in South Africa faces numerous challenges, arising from technological advancement, climate change and changes in the litigation landscape.

Cyber Security • 15 June 2022

The post-COVID evolution of the cybersecurity risk landscape (and what it means for South African businesses)

We live in a world that is evolving at breakneck speed. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic acted as an accelerant, fueling rapid digitisation. This jarring shift saw a dramatic upsurge in remote working, ecommerce, internet banking and technological innovation, which has fast-tracked the world to the doorstep of web 3.0. While this has unlocked immeasurable opportunities for societal advancement, it is not without its pitfalls.

Financial Lines • 10 May 2022

Formal risk management processes have become a ‘non-negotiable’ for South African corporates

Formal, detailed risk management processes have become a ‘non-negotiable’ for South African corporates who face increasing levels of commercial crime.

Professional Indemnity claims • 28 April 2022

Professional Indemnity claims: factors and trends

Over the last two decades, the average value of a Professional Indemnity (PI) claim has skyrocketed. Numerous factors influence PI claims and their value, ranging from an increased awareness by third parties of their legal rights to claim compensation, escalating legal costs, increased regulation of professionals, as well as the state of the economy.

Simplified policy wordings: a delicate balancing act • 13 April 2022

Simplified policy wordings: a delicate balancing act

The complexity of insurance policies is a legacy issue that has been exacerbated by an ever-evolving legal and statutory environment. The introduction of the Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) regulation greatly impacted how policy wordings are structured and put the onus on the insurer to produce contracts that are simplified and consumer-facing....

General • 24 March 2022

SHA Strategic Appointments Q1 2022

SHA Risk Specialists announces three new appointments in line with strategic objectives to optimise operational efficiency and expand reach for 2022.

Cyber • 24 March 2022

SHA expands Cyber Insurance capabilities

SHA recognises the far-reaching consequences that cyber risk could have on a business, particularly those that may not have the resources or infrastructure to deal with such an event. In response to this growing threat, SHA Risk Specialists has expanded its cyber insurance capabilities with a strategic Artificial Intelligence (AI) investment and tailored new product offering.

PI Business Rescue Practitioners • 11 February 2022

SHA launches new product for Business Rescue Practitioners

SHA responds to market demand with a new product developed for Business Rescue Practitioners amid rising risks.

Directors and Officers • 4 November 2021

Reminding leaders where their responsibilities and risks lie

For many South Africans, it is a privilege to employ and to lead a group of people with a common purpose in any company regardless of size. But with this authority also comes a great deal of responsibility and accountability.

Kidnap and Ransom • 4 November 2021

Kidnapping risks for execs and minors on the rise

According to the most recent statistics, Africa has experienced a significant increase in kidnappings in recent months, with June and July 2021 witnessing a 39% increase in the number of victims compared to previous months. Perhaps one of the most prominent cases of kidnapping this year was when Islamic militants attacked the northern Mozambican town of Palma in March and surrounded a hotel where some 200 foreigners and Mozambicans had taken shelter.

Financial Lines • 25 October 2021

Changes in SHA’s Financial Lines Team

Over the past year or so we’ve been re-engineering the Financial Lines business unit. This has involved the piloting of some new AI technology and risk management tools as well as the recruitment of new staff resources in the team. Our brokers will experience the new technology over the coming months. For now, it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to our new team resources:

CYBER • 22 October 2021

Cyber awareness crucial amid rising cybercrime

October is International Cyber Security Awareness month, aimed at raising awareness of cyber risks for businesses of all sizes. And for good reason, a study by US cybersecurity firm, Varonis, found that global data breaches exposed 36 billion records in the first half of 2020. The same study found that over a fifth of cyber breaches were caused by phishing attacks and that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error. According to Accenture South Africa has the third-highest number of cybercrime victims worldwide and loses around R2.2 billion to cyberattacks every year.

Claims • 3 September 2021

A day in the life of an Underwriter

Insurance companies pose specific questions around your demographic, your geographical location and even your lifestyle, in order to determine the level of “risk” you pose, the size of your premiums, your eligibility and the extent of your coverage.

Claims • 20 August 2021

Full reservation of rights?

Insureds, more often than not, may become confused when upon notification of an incident/or claim, the insurer informs them that they will be attending to a claim on a full reservation of rights basis.

General • 16 August 2021

Work-life balance… are we practising what we preach?

Are we as an industry practising what we are preaching in terms of work life balance?

Accident and Health • 23 July 2021

Ensuring that children are covered for personal injury is a parental imperative

No parent wants to think about the possibility that their children could be involved in an accident resulting in serious injuries, aside from the emotional trauma, failure to adequately prepare for something like this could expose a family to a significant financial loss.

Directors and officers • 30 June 2021

Directors… in the heat of disputes

The major risk factors that may expose directors to liability have been widely discussed in the industry, and include increased stakeholder activism, increased awareness of directors’ duties, the rise of digital risks (and the Protection of Personal Information – POPI Act), and the fall-out of the COVID-19 pandemic...

General • 1 June 2021

Short-term insurance in a time of Covid-19

It is common knowledge by now that almost every business sector was adversely affected by COVID-19 and the lockdowns. Tragically, 40% of respondents outside the insurance sector reported that their revenue had dropped by more than 26% and that they had to downsize their workforce as a result.

General • 23 April 2021

Ransomware attacks - SA businesses' biggest risk

Ransomware attacks have skyrocketed in recent years. SHA Risk Specialist’s most recent Annual Risk Review found that one in five small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have been victims of ransomware attacks, with demands most commonly ranging from R25 000 to R50 000 – this is in line with global statistics.

General • 22 April 2021

Clients should conclude and read contracts

In the sphere of public liability – slip and trips, injury or damage to property - often arises from outsourced services or service providers.

Financial lines • 15 March 2021

SHA bolsters Cyber division with new expertise

The risk of cybercrime has increased at an exponential rate over the past year and has emerged as a major threat to the business sector. In response to this growing threat, SHA Risk Specialists has expanded its cyber insurance capabilities with a strategic new appointment, AI investment and tailored new product offering.

FINANCIAL LINES • 23 February 2021

Claims made against Directors and Officers

An article, published in the April 2020 edition of FAnews, stated that the number of claims made against company directors and officers (D&O) materially increased over the past three years, and that as a direct result, the insurance market experienced similar increases in the number of claims notifications over the same period. Let us take a closer look at whether there have been any changes since then, and what to expect in 2021...

GENERAL • 23 February 2021

Collaboration vital as pandemic spurs increase in liability claims

Observing and commenting on the importance of collaborations, SHA's Business Leader, Gareth Beaver makes the following remarks: “It’s important to note that the risk landscape had already begun shifting, becoming tougher to navigate for some time before COVID-19 became the most used term in our vocabulary...”

GENERAL LIABILITY • 18 December 2020

Managing complex and technical liability issues in an evolving risk landscape

Every year, billions of rand are paid by insurers to cover legitimate claims; but recent global events show that risks continue to evolve, often testing insurance policy responses against factual scenarios that are uncharted territory for both insurer and policyholder...


How to keep brokers out of the firing line

When an insurance claim unexpectedly goes awry, often, the broker will be the claimant’s primary target. To avoid the crosshairs, brokers therefore need to be clear on what the law requires of them and remain fastidious in their duties...

Annual Risk Review Session 1 • 18 May 2022

Annual Risk Review Session 1

Annual Risk Review Session 2 • 25 May 2022

Annual Risk Review Session 2


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